Monday, August 7, 2017

Mitchner Gorenick as the postman.

Gorenick as mailman in little postal jeep
looks in back of jeep, in darkness at a medium-sized box
CU on Rochelle's name on label
Gorenick runs in his own house with box
naked, pulling dress from box
with towel on head, in dress, obvious erection
serious "I toy with the hearts of men.  I can just take my pick."
swirling around the room, looking in mirror,
soundtrack goes from whimsical to heavy
Gorenick silently screaming into mirror, mirror cracks

Rochelle on phone, smiling
aunt: "I sent you a birthday cake.  Sour Cream.  Your favorite!"
Gorenick drives up, looks in back.
"maybe its a damn bomb and she'll just die!"
picks up package, sees "perishable" tag.
MUSIC: Smile a Little Smile
dust flying, dirt road in forest
packaging on ground, candles
Gorenick fucking cake
drives into post office,
helmeted postmaster on dock
shakes head in disapproval

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