Sunday, July 9, 2017

the doors of perception

fade in.

The Doors track, Not To Touch The Earth begins.

we see trees, a gravel road, and a cabin sitting idle.

The couple stops their SUV there.  Takes luggage in.

Wife fries bologna while husband tweets deviant poetry.

Back in the city, hubbie's brother is reading the poetry and smiling.

Things take an ugly turn back at the cabin during a game of Scrabble.  There is no dictionary to check the words.  They could look the words up on the phones, online, but the phones are off, recharging.

Before you know it, they've fought all over the house, with the husband getting the gun out of the nightstand and threatening her with it.

Meanwhile, on the tv:  Bonanza.  A horse bucks Little Joe, takes his gun and wallet, hits him over the head with the butt of the gun.  Joe stays dazed the remainder of the hour, even as he tries to cook Hot Pockets in Hop Sing's wok.  In fact, during the cooking the dazed Little Joe almost falls onto the gas flame on the stove.

The husband has the wife cornered.  He puts down the gun, so he can yell and flail his hands at the same time.

You don't understand me, and such, he says.  I feign the anger here, but trust that he was mighty cheesed, and the wife plenty afraid for her own safety.

Wife fires gun at husband's head.

His head recoils!  He's hit!

He grabs at his ear.  His left ear lobe is severed.  He has black-colored powder burns on his face.

The ear lobe has fallen in a basket of dusty potpourri which has long since outlived its usefullness.

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