Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Providence smiles, betimes.

From Suun Li, in the morning post:

Mikl.  May the sun shine rays of love and prosperity upon the open grass.  I write to ask if I may stay in your rooms in an upcoming trip.  Suun Li want see the Tittagglia exhibit, and stay for the hotdogs and slaw.

In response(from me, Mikl):

Dearest sour moon, Suun Li:  I've afraid the whole thing is quite impossible.  Just now I have, quite by accident, severed three toes, in chopping the firewood.  I shall be discommoded for some time to come and fractionally unable to attend to you, my dearest.

I was almost hoping for some kind of infirmity, that maybe I would go drink the dark creek water and catch the yellow fever, the kind where you have sharp stomach pains and the screaming diarrhea.

But providence smiled on me and I chopped off three toes instead.

So there.

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