Thursday, June 29, 2017

Joe must have been a hell of a man. Past tense, turds. Past tense.

The two swinger idiots wore funerary garb, looking like dining companions in the Henry James.  Joe must have been a hell of a man.

Mil Lesions still wanting to torment the first people he saw that day.  And there were the two swingers.

Free groceries for a month.  The suffering of my enemies!

I should also start a poll.  I've been thinking about litigation against Walmart for my time at Supercenter #1010.  Psychological damage from that experience put me out-of-step for a number of years, costing me in potential income and missed opportunities.

But I likes to high-step, and Joe is just as dead.  So let's not mourn.  Lets have a New Orleans style memorial with a parade train and all that.  Put some liquor in the blonde, the one that doesn't trust the government suddenly.

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