Sunday, April 2, 2017

Uncouth Understudy.

training the understudy

get him accustomed to winning.

locusts and wild honey, straight from the comb.

five-month houseguest. uncouth s.o.b. feet stank.
as Iron Maiden said, "the beast comes with great wrath, for he knows his time is short."  exploded bandwidth usage.  sucking the fat pipe.  Lion's Gate movies, all the time.

Tom Petty sang: "I've got a little space to fill."

Bob Dylan sang: "the hour is getting late"

The standard fighting stance can be imitated by even a little child, but putting the principles into practice is another matter.  To flatten a grown man with only a thumb, takes years of concentration, like making the goats pass out.

The trick is focus, concentration, seriousness, and I ask, have you the focus to breath in and out AT THE SAME TIME?!?

a lonesome time of yore
near midnight,
not a minute more,
as I ponder tales
of forgotten lore.....

a bad paraphrase.  I know.

Much meditation is needed.

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