Saturday, April 29, 2017

I answers the call, and I lays it down but good.

I'm that man.  I answer the call, and believe me, little gal, I does it.

You on the other hand.  Haven't shown me much.

Unless you've been living in a pit, you feel the prevailing winds.  Some are winds of change, while yet other winds are obstinate.  We bend and sway as if dancing, hoping our spines don't snap under the pressure.

When I wore a badge, I found there were two narratives in play.  There was the crap we told everyone on the floor, and along with the stuff we heard in return.  Then there was what we told each other, me and the other badgers.

Some who have taken off the badge find themselves uniquely qualified to work the other side of the street. -an observation, not a call to action.

I cannot be assuaged.  Or bargained with.  I bend only enough to survive the winds, and not enough to compromise my ideals.

You've been told.  Little gal.

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