Saturday, March 11, 2017

The weekender: Being for the Benefit of Kyle Busch.

All things serve the Kyle Busch, converging on his effeminate frame like flashlight beams trained on his person.  Cruising along the North Carolina secondaries at 140 mph in some pussified ricer V6.  Life must be pretty good for the Kyle Busch.

He is ruining my Saturdays by "slumming it" in the feeder series simply to gain extra stats for the record books.

There must be a hard limit on cup ringers appearing in the XFinity series.  I don't want to watch those guys taking wins from the up-and-comers.  As someone said a few years ago, they say "where is your trophies?".  Kyle Busch came down and got them, I guess.

They squeeze out drivers like Steven Wallace, who had a long run of good showings on Saturdays, and then disappeared because, according to the smoke screen of Cup regulars in the field, it didn't appear that Wallace made his breakthrough.

But for the Cup drivers.  And Eliot Sadler.

And after an XFinity championship, only one more year in the series, after, and that only part-time.  Keep the line moving, pls.

I say this not to hate on the Kyle Busch, but improve the dynamic of the Saturday shows.  Kyle is a champ after all, and before he was a champ, you know he had the determination to become a champ.

But on Saturdays he is being a chimp.

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