Thursday, March 2, 2017

More Bad Science: Recursion

A recursive is a self-referential component in an expression.  If it recurs, or has subsequent iterations, it refers to itself, as in the original expression.

Donald J.  The man Jesus.  Abaddon1215.  Lions, all!

Recursives in a world of Facebook likes and reTweets.  These fly atop the quicksand of digital data.

In the third world: Confuseus tries.

variable public return=true

futnuckery extends class blog { = futnuckery
variable private return value {

confuseus.dictum = sandboxed.value(range = 0, 16)

abaddon1215 = abaddon1215 + 1

debug = unnecessary

"I'm like a bad penny.  I always turn up."

volume = 120%
airport.noisecomplaints = fallson.deafears

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