Monday, March 27, 2017

love them characters: Polly Problemsolver

Young waste of black man.

Raised to have impossible ideals by people beaten up by life, mistreated.  Statistics.

What dignity of the man!

Wants to go to a club.  Feel the mass-hysteria with the rest.

All this negativity.  You would think I didn't like this one, but indeed I do, for things would be great if he had his way.  I believe it.  Courteous, thoughtful.  Not the smartest of them, but far from the dumbest of the bunch.  But he is too meek to dictate terms, though he will speak up when something goes against the rules.  And he likes the rules.  Lives by the rules.  And how else to live a good life, but by the rules?

Polly Problemsolver.

But wholly a different kind of man than the man Abaddon1215, with in fact, a gulf and a pit between us.  Luckily I'm writing the character as a background object, so I'm not burdened with giving him a victory, solving that query of what he would do if he were in charge.

In the context of the story, he would have to ball his mother-in-law to be put in charge.  He won't.  He's a sexually hidden character, making us wonder is he too young to have developed sex in that brain of his?

Time runs short for Polly Problemsolver to find his own penis.  He's in baby-making time, and not making any moves to make babies, save for going to the club.  Going to the club does not necessarily in and of itself make any babies.

Uplifting for me to write of one so different, with it in mind, that despite our differences, we are friends, or would be friends in a better world.

Don't ask about the name.  I make no pretense of making a realistic name, like what kind of slave-owner had his antecedents in cages, being the original Problemsolver, the name sake, as it were.  Alas no.

The being searching for his identity in the modern world will not be burdened by tethers from the past!

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