Saturday, March 4, 2017

F.U.D. isn't just ur uncle Elmer.

F: Fear
U: Uncertainty
D: Doubt

Niggling questions.  And the questions always niggle, and few among us listen for the answer, therefore our populace is perennially misinformed.

Gross opinions dominating the news cycle.  It makes me sick.

I hate Scott Pelley.  In particular.  Constant F.U.D. from CBS.  I remember the morning show people talking to Morgan Freeman, knowingly smiling at one another after saying, "You ready for the election?"

Married to his own granddaughter.  But here I belittle a man known for just having a good voice.

Not a prophet or a king.  Just a face on a movie screen.  And now will the media-created and sustained celebrity class overtake the impotent political class?

Will Miley ever get an ambassadorship from the State Department?  Gaga for health and human services?

And the Dems learn the wrong lessons.  So their own "common core", their own programming, is leading them astray.

It would take someone outside of politics, like a real Donald J, to fix the system.  But he rightly must be held accountable during his reign.  Schumer misunderstands, that Trump isn't maintaining the swamp by appointing billionaire executives to cabinet positions.  Schumer and company ARE the swamp.

They all preach to their own choirs.  Any expansion of the base is anomalous and unintentional.

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