Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Women's Prison Apocalypse(some scenes I wrote)

Women's Prison.

Some women tanning on the yard, trying to keep up the appearance by rolling up their jumper sleeves and pants legs.

(o.s.)Warden: "On what wings dare he aspire?  What dread hand dare seize the fire?"

A bus comes in.  It stops and convicts are herded out at their new home for a few years.  There are three.  It's obvious which one we focus on.  The most beautiful.  The audience must instantly take a liking.  That much is key to the film.

Outside Warden's office door.  A squirting noise from inside.  Through the magic of programmed perspective, we are transported inside to see his hands lathering in soap.  Soap flies this way and that.  He's really wringing his hands vigorously.

A gleeting of soap lands in a fishbowl and begins to mingle and stretch out in the clear waters.  Fortunately, there is no fish in there.  We don't torture animals here.  Only women.

From outside the Warden's office window, overlooking the yard:

Warden: "That big one.  Her bigness vexes me."

Chief Screw: "She's a mole for us.  Her name is Pam.  Like the buttery cooking spray."

Warden: "Must have soaked in it.  Tell them to find us another Timmy.  Let's go down there."

Outside:  The warden and a group of guards approaches the hapless Pam.  The warden draws a side-arm pistol and fires without aiming.  The bullet goes wide, way over Pam's head.

The Warden closes in and aims, this time, then carefully shoots in the three-point position, like a marksman.

The bullet sails high over Pam's head.

Now the rage has grown nuclear within the warden.  He runs at her, pulling the trigger, but the now empty gun is just clicking over and over.

Pam cringes, and as he gets right up on top of her, she goes to her knees and puts her arms over her head protectively.

The Warden hits her with the butt of the gun several times before the other screws stop him and him get him out of there.

Pam is left in confused silence, hurting.  She starts crying.


Mouse, the runt of our group is having surgery.  Docs and nurses all around.

The engorged, enraged Warden runs in yelling "LIVE!  LIVE!".  He climbs on the table with her, and his head hits the lights, making them spin crazily.  The scene becomes chaos.  He falls onto the floor.

The lights fall onto the outstretched young woman, and its like a bomb of blood going off, saturating the room.

Insert shot of her glasses on table, covered in blood, blood streaking down lenses.

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