Monday, February 20, 2017

Stellar Women's Prison Revolt(or Be More Like Shannon)

The prom queen, the toy/mouse, the genius and the heavy.

The shower scenes.  Altman-esque over-lapping dialogue.  Cooter talk, I says.

And there will be shower scenes.  This is I aver.

Scenes of the heavy, like a mommy gorilla, picking ticks from the hair of her charges.  Maternal, characterizing, baby.

Me likee the characterization.

"a dead bee makes no honey" scrawled on the wall behind her-the letters bleeding juice.

The emotionally-charged content of subjugation!  Maybe even a dream sequence with a women's lib song from the 1970's.

How does a women's prison inmate get pregnant?  Ixnay on the pregnant-way, I says.  Carry the bun from the outside.  Abortion sequence?  Maybe.  A coat hanger and the heavy.  A coat hanger for the heavy.

"See them love!"

Get Sid Haig and his straw hat into the time machine.

Of course, I'm the warden.  I get the plum role of the whole piece, being the pharaoh of the entire production.

Kinda goes without saying, that last.

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