Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Movie Premise: Divide and Conquer: Hysteria

Lesbianism brought me back to life like in Friday the 13th Part 6.

Because I like to f*ck with people for my larks.

On to the show:

Planet Sappho.  Land of the eternal feminine prime.  They are elfin and soft.  And they touch each other, because there are no men around.

I know what you're thinking.  This could have been Stellar Women's Prison Revolt.  Maybe later.  I'll just put that title back into my pocket for next year's summer blockbuster season.  Big budget.  Tent pole.

(I got your tent pole right here.)

Planet Sappho.  Three astronauts, two being virile men and one an alpha female, land aboard planet Sappho, it being determined by analysis of the color and intensity of it's reflected light to be nearest Earth-like planet.

But the horror that creeps in the darkness....

Men are sold on the porn angle, but a degree of sensuality will sell the womenfolk, too, if for nothing else, an exploration, a consideration of something outside the norm, unless you're in college in which case it happens all over the place like a giant pu**ybomb went off on campus.

Like the tag for Schindler's List, "he who saves one, saves the world entire".  So by end credits, the alpha female has loved and died, and but one decides to go against her nature.

This is experimental.  Like college.

Watching the film-all the scenes of disrobings and touchings-the audience began to feel like they were in the hands of a director who was capable of literally anything.  It was uncomfortable, but tittilating.

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