Friday, November 4, 2016

do not indulge in despair

when you feel it coming on, try a disaffected confusion as you decide how you should feel, and outwardly, this will pass for a somewhat peaceful state, and that will mean--

You look stoic.

It's not winning and losing, but how you play the game-and even then that's only your internal metrics for your own judgement and the sauce of your own memories.  Are you but a landholder?  A reputation?  Winner of fifty dollars in the lottery?

Do you cry during negative visualization?  That's not stoic behavior.  If you cry, you need to find another technique.  For we effect a soulful indifference in all these matters as they unfold within our mind.

...when you love yourself, its the greatest love of all...

This is all transitional.  Put on Masters of Sex or Man In The High Castle and let the world unfold around you.  That is the easiest way to affect indifference, to distract oneself with petty entertainments.

Baseball season is over.  Behold, one woe is past; two more woes come hereafter(NFL and NBA).  Also, I don't consider Hockey a sport because the participants wear skates.  One man's opinion.  It is a game, however; I acknowledge that much.

I want a Lawn Dart section in the obstacle course on Wipeout.  Let's up the ante.  Get a little adrenaline going.  A bit of substitute teacher tar tar or rare-medium mailman.  I could be so much more meaningful than watching people compete against an obstacle course, and at the end the meaningless celebration, in which some youngling is checking off a list item in his head while his balls sweat.

...don't feel as happy to win as I thought I would....

I love you America.  Let's go to bed early tonight and turn the teevee off.  Like before we had kids.

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