Wednesday, October 26, 2016

We both then share the same fascination.


I knew it.

That about you.

Or at least I had hoped so much.

That you, like me, are fascinated by sex.  However, we differ in some respects, for I am most fascinated by my own sex, which I, like you, use for ratings(or that you use the sex of others to boost your ratings).

I use my own stuff because that much is like a train wreck.  Very readable.  What fantasies?

What the anvil?  What the hammer? What the chain?
In what furnace, was thy brain?

I like the song Great Expectations by Kiss.  Do I have expectations, projections, prognostications of the pleasure that is to come, all the while reading about Stoic self-denial, in which the Stoics approach an ascetic lifestyle?

I answer my own question with a leer.

So far away.

But this is good news, I say.  Maybe not so much for those in  your private life, that your soft underbelly has been exposed to YOUR OWN harsh searchlight.

I think Newt wants you.  You evaluate that happening on your own.

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