Friday, October 21, 2016

Sexual Identity as a problem.

For f*ck's sakes.  Just check the appropriate box.  It's not a question of philosophy.

But I wonder, is the red-leather clad Lokken an emblem of my own sexuality, or just a postergirl for the concept of sex?  Am I to overthink this and wind-up with a confused weewee in the recreation room?

I cannot ask you if my weewee is confused.  You have no frame of reference.  Somehow though, I think I know what you would say.

A burning emblem, then.  A 120-pixel broad and high icon of sexuality.  That Lokken that walks angrily through my mind.

AND a postergirl.  A 110-pound blonde billboard for the nasty.

What does it say that I identify sexually with an angry woman?

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