Thursday, October 27, 2016

Personality Theory. A overlapping scale of functionality and productivity.

The types of personality:

Type A: productive, overachieving and ambitious, usually marked out by physicality too, because of exercise and attention to health.

Nerd:  More regular, lacks in some areas, but is superlative, even nigh perfect in a few areas.  Glimmers of talent and flirtations with ambition.

Normal(O on x and y axis): A magical place, zero on the scale, in which one is not being pushed or pulled.  I argue this is not our aim, which is usually type a, but a lack of cause for complaint, not being pushed by fatigue or beset by ambitions.  Again, a magical place.  Transitional.  So many of us wish we were in this category without ever realizing that we have been there so often.

Sluggard: Unmotivated but partly functional.  Unfocused and somewhat unhappy.  Sedentary.

Reprobate:  A catch-all for bad apples.  No plan for tomorrow.  Extremely unhappy, like the sluggard, and supplemented by illicit drugs, which often represents only clear path to happiness.  Non-functional, even dangerous.

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