Thursday, October 13, 2016

argt and the spiral madness, or spiral madness and the argt

I'm gonna start collecting cans.

To capture the spiritual essence of a waterfall, an appendage may be used, as a flopping onto the canvas, and the abstract essence is captured in vertical lines.  The physical substance of the urination used to perfect the texture is captured in containers at the bottom of the canvas for later use.

This is technique as the life realization of the argt from the argtist.  There is a spiritual or cognitive effect then a physical residue that may be saved as, well, a trophy or even a totem of the process, an emblem of the catharsis of the argtistic process.

The urine must be warmed slightly to emulate the internal temperature of the body, such as how urine always feels slightly warm to the skin, or if you doo outdoors in the winter, it smokes for a few moments as if freshly microwaved.

So there is an argt product and a residue or byproduct that must be each appreciated in uniquely divergent ways and in wholly seperate, disperate processes.

a presidential campaign unlike any other, a ride that will not soon be forgotten.  worth the wait.  a real urine-slinger.  wait time is one hour at this point.

dribbling urine down the paint.  Y

And you have to communicate your visions somehow, in some legally-feasible method that is allowed by polite society.  So you buy a canvas or two and then sell your VHS-C video camera.

Spare the squirrels then, except for the stewpots.

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