Monday, October 17, 2016

A stoic conundrum.

Did you, can you, find tranquility, while by accident attaining virtue along the journey?  OR Do you attempt to live a good life, by observing the virtues, and thereby, as a by-product, eventually know tranquility?

Greek or Roman?

Boxers or briefs?

McNuggets or Cheeto's Chicken Fries?

Taco Bell or Arby's?

Despite Helenized nomenclature, I labor at my burden like a true Roman, fed from the grain dole and at the behest of Caesar.  I have attained tranquility without the rugged or diligent pursuit of virtue, via prescribed anti-psychotic medications.

So I am a true Roman, living the Roman way while being transfixed and enamored by the Greek way, to strive for tranquility through virtue.

Marcus Aurelius said: "The best revenge is to not be like them."  In your eye, world.  For you might read this and be influenced by me, while my own barometer points with a jitter or a stutter towards other matters entirely.

And in that, I can love you.  Also, your attentions edify.

Let us continue the journey, then.

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