Saturday, October 29, 2016

Profound and soulful EROS.

You can't deny yourself love.  That would be repression.  Which brings its own symptoms.

Love is of the soul, and not the rationing mind.

Some boil love down to a neuro-chemical chain of reactions.  Some, in the hard world of modern life, boil what they call love down to a series transactions, like gifts car payments or apartment rent, or candy or flowers, or meals or alcohol drinks, taking out the trash, cooking a meal or the like.

It is an expression of the soul and to stand in its way is repression.  As stated above, repression will cause all sorts of havoc in a life that was once normal.

Love is then defined at first by what could be, then in hindsight, with the ultimate end of the whole mess dictating the definition in its entirety.  A man martyred his wife by killing himself, making her the victim because she faced the consequences alone in his absence.  He did not martyr himself, but rather shirked societal responsibility.  Or an old couple, married over fifty years, would define their relationship by the accumulation of years and probably not even recognize their own estimates of the relationship from earlier, in the beginning.

I was reading that the soul is a mystery to us, though it speaks clearly through our biology.  It is like water, flowing water, with a mysterious quality to its depth and a fluid passivity, but yet has a certain strength, force and/or mass that can press us.  It is then a force that acts upon the neurological controls and the thoughts and the mere instincts.

Hard to grasp, is the soul, just like water flowing quietly along in a stream.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Personality Theory. A overlapping scale of functionality and productivity.

The types of personality:

Type A: productive, overachieving and ambitious, usually marked out by physicality too, because of exercise and attention to health.

Nerd:  More regular, lacks in some areas, but is superlative, even nigh perfect in a few areas.  Glimmers of talent and flirtations with ambition.

Normal(O on x and y axis): A magical place, zero on the scale, in which one is not being pushed or pulled.  I argue this is not our aim, which is usually type a, but a lack of cause for complaint, not being pushed by fatigue or beset by ambitions.  Again, a magical place.  Transitional.  So many of us wish we were in this category without ever realizing that we have been there so often.

Sluggard: Unmotivated but partly functional.  Unfocused and somewhat unhappy.  Sedentary.

Reprobate:  A catch-all for bad apples.  No plan for tomorrow.  Extremely unhappy, like the sluggard, and supplemented by illicit drugs, which often represents only clear path to happiness.  Non-functional, even dangerous.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

We both then share the same fascination.


I knew it.

That about you.

Or at least I had hoped so much.

That you, like me, are fascinated by sex.  However, we differ in some respects, for I am most fascinated by my own sex, which I, like you, use for ratings(or that you use the sex of others to boost your ratings).

I use my own stuff because that much is like a train wreck.  Very readable.  What fantasies?

What the anvil?  What the hammer? What the chain?
In what furnace, was thy brain?

I like the song Great Expectations by Kiss.  Do I have expectations, projections, prognostications of the pleasure that is to come, all the while reading about Stoic self-denial, in which the Stoics approach an ascetic lifestyle?

I answer my own question with a leer.

So far away.

But this is good news, I say.  Maybe not so much for those in  your private life, that your soft underbelly has been exposed to YOUR OWN harsh searchlight.

I think Newt wants you.  You evaluate that happening on your own.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Sexual Identity as a problem.

For f*ck's sakes.  Just check the appropriate box.  It's not a question of philosophy.

But I wonder, is the red-leather clad Lokken an emblem of my own sexuality, or just a postergirl for the concept of sex?  Am I to overthink this and wind-up with a confused weewee in the recreation room?

I cannot ask you if my weewee is confused.  You have no frame of reference.  Somehow though, I think I know what you would say.

A burning emblem, then.  A 120-pixel broad and high icon of sexuality.  That Lokken that walks angrily through my mind.

AND a postergirl.  A 110-pound blonde billboard for the nasty.

What does it say that I identify sexually with an angry woman?

Monday, October 17, 2016

A stoic conundrum.

Did you, can you, find tranquility, while by accident attaining virtue along the journey?  OR Do you attempt to live a good life, by observing the virtues, and thereby, as a by-product, eventually know tranquility?

Greek or Roman?

Boxers or briefs?

McNuggets or Cheeto's Chicken Fries?

Taco Bell or Arby's?

Despite Helenized nomenclature, I labor at my burden like a true Roman, fed from the grain dole and at the behest of Caesar.  I have attained tranquility without the rugged or diligent pursuit of virtue, via prescribed anti-psychotic medications.

So I am a true Roman, living the Roman way while being transfixed and enamored by the Greek way, to strive for tranquility through virtue.

Marcus Aurelius said: "The best revenge is to not be like them."  In your eye, world.  For you might read this and be influenced by me, while my own barometer points with a jitter or a stutter towards other matters entirely.

And in that, I can love you.  Also, your attentions edify.

Let us continue the journey, then.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

argt and the spiral madness, or spiral madness and the argt

I'm gonna start collecting cans.

To capture the spiritual essence of a waterfall, an appendage may be used, as a flopping onto the canvas, and the abstract essence is captured in vertical lines.  The physical substance of the urination used to perfect the texture is captured in containers at the bottom of the canvas for later use.

This is technique as the life realization of the argt from the argtist.  There is a spiritual or cognitive effect then a physical residue that may be saved as, well, a trophy or even a totem of the process, an emblem of the catharsis of the argtistic process.

The urine must be warmed slightly to emulate the internal temperature of the body, such as how urine always feels slightly warm to the skin, or if you doo outdoors in the winter, it smokes for a few moments as if freshly microwaved.

So there is an argt product and a residue or byproduct that must be each appreciated in uniquely divergent ways and in wholly seperate, disperate processes.

a presidential campaign unlike any other, a ride that will not soon be forgotten.  worth the wait.  a real urine-slinger.  wait time is one hour at this point.

dribbling urine down the paint.  Y

And you have to communicate your visions somehow, in some legally-feasible method that is allowed by polite society.  So you buy a canvas or two and then sell your VHS-C video camera.

Spare the squirrels then, except for the stewpots.