Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The calculus of essence

I was watching the popular bit of political theater last night, when I felt what I could only describe as a deficit of essence, or, in the common vernacular, I felt run down because of a fever.

I felt lower and lower until I was beset by self-doubts in the little hours. How strange that physical infirmity would be accompanied by self-doubt!

I awakened in morningtide feeling somewhat better, but not fully recovered yet.  Thankfulness was on my lips, though, as I was thankful for having passed through the trouble.

As for the political theater, I felt no lacking in my own resolve, but rather the same surefootedness in regards to my favorite candidate.  The other candidate smiled like a jack-o-lantern, but I digress.  I withhold my endorsements and don't usually talk politics in the open.

But I'm still tired, so bear with me, my friends.

So I discover physical essence and mental or spiritual essence are linked.  This is important.  Because I have hyper phases in which I can but catch hold of some notion and do it some good with my then-prodigious essence.

But I feel a lot better.  I'm like a beach after a hurricane: frazzled but there, and the edges of that frazzlement are still interjecting upon my person despite my partly recovered vitality.

My stalking energy is returning, which is a bigger motivation with me than many people realize, but its all benevolent.  I fear I knocked someone in North Carolina off the airwaves and possibly out of a job, but that was intended benevolent, too, for I was simply making commentaries after-the-fact about a favorite usually-cheery news segment.  Presently I'm hoping the segment and the reporter do return to work and file some reports.

I hope.

For the Good News, I say!  Let it be continuous, never-ending: a bursting firehose of positivity.  Again I talk about them hoes.  Lol.

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