Sunday, September 11, 2016

15 Years After: Not Forgetting


There used to be a process in the electronics manufacturing process, near the end of the assembly line, called "burn-in" in which sometimes devices were just powered-up for the first time, depending on the necessity of the initial process.

Human memory works like that, I think: a "burn-in" process in which memories are etched and can only be removed or ignored through some malfunction.

I know where I was fifteen years ago.  It feels like a lifetime, tho.  I was a younger man, twenty-one years old with all the worries of the single man working a seasonal job.  My work had just knocked-off for the year weeks earlier and my time was all my own.

I recorded the CBS coverage on a VHS tape, hosted by then muck-a-muck Dan Rather, but soon after recorded something over that.

The formats may come and go, but the memories are forever.  Wish now I had kept that tape, even changed the channel a time or two to the other networks.  Fox and CNN were pre-empting other network programming all day.  If you did not want to see, in other words, you really had to just look away.

But I was one of those people that wanted a reckoning, one just as bloody as the attack itself, and it seemed only a war of some kind would suffice.  But in those early days, there were so many unfocused reactions, and as I remember on day one, we did not know who to blame.

I like what Eric Shawn said on teevee even as I write this: Remember; Stay Together.

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