Wednesday, August 10, 2016

U and ur cervix: a lecture by ur mikl.

U cervix is special, like a button or medal given for merit.

Mikl wan see.  Make mikl feel like him looking into a loaded gun.

To live under the gun is to be on the wire.  The rest is just waiting.

U cervix cause the infection if not cared for, that little bug, that little nugget of flesh with its eldrich unseeing see.

Care for it like a secret, that you care for, like having a bar of gold in u purse and not wanting ppl around you to know about it.

Like caring for a good reliable work truck, wash inside and outside, wipe away excess discharge, and just like TBN, keep it clean.

When exposing it to the open air, make sure you are in absolute, secure privacy and Caitlyn Jenner is nowhere around.  Mikl himself likes taking an open air piss sometimes.  It connects amigdala-level thinking of Mikl, those old instincts, and the amigdala too is another nugget of flesh, but this in the brainstuffs where the thinking happens, the old primordial cave man muscle of thought.

Service should be shut down at the main when initiating service, repair or maintenance.  The technician may find a rime of liquid on the parts, but such is to be expected, even anticipated and worked with.

Shot through the grease:  if a lubricant is used in service, extra care must be used to securely grip wrenches and other equipment items, so no service items are lost or otherwise misplaced during service work.

Use the Buddy System:  this is just like playing a child's game of Marco Polo in a swimming pool.  Call and answer any technician that is working with you during service.  Be sure to answer when called.  Keep the line of communications open between you and the other service technician, so that service is kept as brief and productive as possible.

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