Tuesday, August 16, 2016

pop culture confusion

"It was a pleasure to burn."  -Ray Bradbury, line the first of his novel Farenheit 451.

An overly-controlled society, like the failed socialist experiments of Europe, in which books are called dangerous-for indeed, the wisdom contained in books would refute the progressive agenda.  Control is what is needed then, and in Bradbury's novel, there are bands of men that are assigned to burn books wherever they are found.

Moving right along:

"Pleasure to burn" -Camel cigarettes advertisement.

The lost and now-taboo world of tobacco advertising.  When the world was a different place, more innocent somehow, but thought through the dark lens of hindsight to be more open to blood.

What whimsy in the casual smoker!

Pretty sophisticated for a backwards society, no?

They look so happy without smartphones and streaming video.  I would feel sorry for them, but hey, screw them all.  I'm here in the fat and happy now, and they are then on bias-ply tires.

A cold soda right out of the freezer chest was a delicacy.  A little fan with metal blades was a good friend on a hot day.  Gardens, everywhere!

Trucks were cheap, belt buckles were fancy.

And most importantly, a painting of a woman smoking a cigarette was not segregated onto a fetish website, but in a popular magazine!

"It was a pleasure to burn" could be the mantra of progress as it tears down and forcibly wrings change into the world.

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