Saturday, August 6, 2016

Mil Lesions contra Overkill: Iron Man Match

Mil Lesions was shaking his head, as if confused or beset by bees.  Maybe he was trying to literally shake loose something in his own mind, or hoping the thoughts would fly from his ears like little insects.

It was clear he was having a problem within himself, Mil Lesions.

How do fighters solve their problems, you ask?  They fight.  They bundle all of those personal issues, steel themselves and step into the squared circle.

Mil Lesions told the world in a promo he could go a long way toward putting all of his problems behind him, by working them out on the head of Overkill.

But Overkill did not have an active role in the problems of Mil.  So this was to be a sacrifice, and as history tells us, sacrifices are often bloody.

To see the high-flying agility of Overkill neutralized by the iron grasp of the beast Lesions was, to paraphrase, like seeing Old Age have a go with Youth.  The vitality of Overkill was turned to weariness and pain, and Mil Lesions was feeling quite on top of the world again.

At the expense of Overkill.

Sometimes it was the role of a fighter to take a therapeutic beating from another fighter, as he worked out his personal problems upon the person of the other.

Now Mil Lesions gardens and writes devotionals.  He sold his motorcycle to fund a pergola in his garden.  He donates his time at the local soup kitchen, and always gets compliments on his polite manner.

But Overkill, you ask, how did he fare?  Don't ask.  He is less than a footnote in the booking catalog.

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