Saturday, August 6, 2016

Joey Logano tries harder.

Thank God that Joey Logano is on our side.  If he weren't he'd kick your ass and the man Walker Texas Ranger's ass, all in front of your girlfriend, your toy dog, and the Cops camera crew.

Joey Logano is the El Chapo Guzman of Nascar.

He's Avis Rent-a-car.  He just tries harder, and all the while Kyle B is worried about how he looks in the history books.

Brad K?

Don't make me laugh(no offense to Brad K, but we're talking apples and oranges here).

Joey Logano is the Rocky Balboa and Kyle Busch is the Apollo Creed.

Joey Logano will knock your snowcone out of your hand and laugh in your face.  Because he has skills.

His Kryptonite, however, is Home Depot sponsorship.  Put him in orange and you can count him out.

(if your name is Greg Biffle, just ignore this next two paragraphs)

The number three and four cars in the team are never meant to win.  That's what Roush and the other megateams would never admit to the public.  The manchild Johnny Benson, then, was not supposed to make a big splash in Cup racing, but instead, contribute to the team's testing of equipment and set-ups, and that was also in an area where the team had TWO perennial championship contenders in Jeff Burton and Mark Martin.

Own the top-five?  Sure thing, dawg.  But all contend for the win?  Pssh!  Not intended, and to have that happen would upset the natural balance.  Dogs would befriend cats, birds would lay down with cats, and maybe women would finally accept me as I am.

Let's talk Mercedes AMG racing.  The media psyched-out Rosberg.  They keep ripping the FIA World Driving Championship right out of his insecure hands.  The english-speaking media gush over Hamilton, and I say that as an observation, not as a criticism, for Hamilton is an outstanding performer.  Rosberg has some moments of villiany this year, and I wonder if he will embrace obstinance and self-worship ala Michael Schumacher.  It makes for good racing when we get a big personality into it.  The great Ayrton Senna himself was a big personality, egotistical and mega-talented.  I had thoughts that Nico had wasted some of his best years at Williams, but the fire is still there, he's still youngish and pushing, and I look forward to a Rosberg championship at some point.

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