Thursday, August 18, 2016

Back To The Future 2: a psychotic musing, along with a novelty grease

We ask ourselves, as Marty sees the broken vision of his future self, will he learn his lesson?

Sometimes something can bring to mind a snatch of memory.


Anyhow.  What a familiar looking future, but with technology.  The hoverboard.  The heater coat.  The motorized shoe laces.  None of which came to pass.  Such a famous film, but what failed prophecy.

But in the future, there is Fistful of Dollars, which foretells the trainwreck of a sequel which was set in the old west.  Which kinda makes the third film a codified retelling of the second film.  Wow.

A dark future wrested from the hands of Biff Tannon, by the diligence of Marty.

The Leone film was the first in a progression, an artistic cycle that became ever grander in each picture.  The soundtrack had something like eight songs.  Some of these were repeated quite a bit in the film.  There were two people in town besides Clint and the gangs.  Clint's anti-hero did not even have the dignity of a name.  This was then a quick meditation on Kurosawa's Yojimbo, and it splashed, glittering in all its simplicity, like a golden nugget can be pure and simple, yet luster in the light.

But if you could change the future, would you?  If you could see the dullness of the future, would you want to change it, even if the personal cost was great?

Hope is essential to nudge us forward, as the turtle-nose of the future slow pushes us through the sand.  Look behind you at the path you have left.  Look ahead and think of the wonders waiting.  But be honest with yourself, this time.  What wonders await you?

I remember at 17 looking ahead with my imagination and seeing nothing.  I was correct, like a good fortune-teller, in some regards, for there were many, many empty moments, but there have also been great lessons.

In personal crisis, I redefined the world in my mind, then redefined myself.  I didn't find myself lacking, for I know there are untapped capacities in this man, but it was the world that looked at me, defined me, underestimated me.

I so hate being misunderstood.

Sometimes something can bring back a snatch of memory, of both the good and bad-for I must cherish both, even looking upon past tribulation with a kind of pride at having survived, an edified hindsight.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

pop culture confusion

"It was a pleasure to burn."  -Ray Bradbury, line the first of his novel Farenheit 451.

An overly-controlled society, like the failed socialist experiments of Europe, in which books are called dangerous-for indeed, the wisdom contained in books would refute the progressive agenda.  Control is what is needed then, and in Bradbury's novel, there are bands of men that are assigned to burn books wherever they are found.

Moving right along:

"Pleasure to burn" -Camel cigarettes advertisement.

The lost and now-taboo world of tobacco advertising.  When the world was a different place, more innocent somehow, but thought through the dark lens of hindsight to be more open to blood.

What whimsy in the casual smoker!

Pretty sophisticated for a backwards society, no?

They look so happy without smartphones and streaming video.  I would feel sorry for them, but hey, screw them all.  I'm here in the fat and happy now, and they are then on bias-ply tires.

A cold soda right out of the freezer chest was a delicacy.  A little fan with metal blades was a good friend on a hot day.  Gardens, everywhere!

Trucks were cheap, belt buckles were fancy.

And most importantly, a painting of a woman smoking a cigarette was not segregated onto a fetish website, but in a popular magazine!

"It was a pleasure to burn" could be the mantra of progress as it tears down and forcibly wrings change into the world.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

U and ur cervix: a lecture by ur mikl.

U cervix is special, like a button or medal given for merit.

Mikl wan see.  Make mikl feel like him looking into a loaded gun.

To live under the gun is to be on the wire.  The rest is just waiting.

U cervix cause the infection if not cared for, that little bug, that little nugget of flesh with its eldrich unseeing see.

Care for it like a secret, that you care for, like having a bar of gold in u purse and not wanting ppl around you to know about it.

Like caring for a good reliable work truck, wash inside and outside, wipe away excess discharge, and just like TBN, keep it clean.

When exposing it to the open air, make sure you are in absolute, secure privacy and Caitlyn Jenner is nowhere around.  Mikl himself likes taking an open air piss sometimes.  It connects amigdala-level thinking of Mikl, those old instincts, and the amigdala too is another nugget of flesh, but this in the brainstuffs where the thinking happens, the old primordial cave man muscle of thought.

Service should be shut down at the main when initiating service, repair or maintenance.  The technician may find a rime of liquid on the parts, but such is to be expected, even anticipated and worked with.

Shot through the grease:  if a lubricant is used in service, extra care must be used to securely grip wrenches and other equipment items, so no service items are lost or otherwise misplaced during service work.

Use the Buddy System:  this is just like playing a child's game of Marco Polo in a swimming pool.  Call and answer any technician that is working with you during service.  Be sure to answer when called.  Keep the line of communications open between you and the other service technician, so that service is kept as brief and productive as possible.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Joey Logano tries harder.

Thank God that Joey Logano is on our side.  If he weren't he'd kick your ass and the man Walker Texas Ranger's ass, all in front of your girlfriend, your toy dog, and the Cops camera crew.

Joey Logano is the El Chapo Guzman of Nascar.

He's Avis Rent-a-car.  He just tries harder, and all the while Kyle B is worried about how he looks in the history books.

Brad K?

Don't make me laugh(no offense to Brad K, but we're talking apples and oranges here).

Joey Logano is the Rocky Balboa and Kyle Busch is the Apollo Creed.

Joey Logano will knock your snowcone out of your hand and laugh in your face.  Because he has skills.

His Kryptonite, however, is Home Depot sponsorship.  Put him in orange and you can count him out.

(if your name is Greg Biffle, just ignore this next two paragraphs)

The number three and four cars in the team are never meant to win.  That's what Roush and the other megateams would never admit to the public.  The manchild Johnny Benson, then, was not supposed to make a big splash in Cup racing, but instead, contribute to the team's testing of equipment and set-ups, and that was also in an area where the team had TWO perennial championship contenders in Jeff Burton and Mark Martin.

Own the top-five?  Sure thing, dawg.  But all contend for the win?  Pssh!  Not intended, and to have that happen would upset the natural balance.  Dogs would befriend cats, birds would lay down with cats, and maybe women would finally accept me as I am.

Let's talk Mercedes AMG racing.  The media psyched-out Rosberg.  They keep ripping the FIA World Driving Championship right out of his insecure hands.  The english-speaking media gush over Hamilton, and I say that as an observation, not as a criticism, for Hamilton is an outstanding performer.  Rosberg has some moments of villiany this year, and I wonder if he will embrace obstinance and self-worship ala Michael Schumacher.  It makes for good racing when we get a big personality into it.  The great Ayrton Senna himself was a big personality, egotistical and mega-talented.  I had thoughts that Nico had wasted some of his best years at Williams, but the fire is still there, he's still youngish and pushing, and I look forward to a Rosberg championship at some point.

Mil Lesions contra Overkill: Iron Man Match

Mil Lesions was shaking his head, as if confused or beset by bees.  Maybe he was trying to literally shake loose something in his own mind, or hoping the thoughts would fly from his ears like little insects.

It was clear he was having a problem within himself, Mil Lesions.

How do fighters solve their problems, you ask?  They fight.  They bundle all of those personal issues, steel themselves and step into the squared circle.

Mil Lesions told the world in a promo he could go a long way toward putting all of his problems behind him, by working them out on the head of Overkill.

But Overkill did not have an active role in the problems of Mil.  So this was to be a sacrifice, and as history tells us, sacrifices are often bloody.

To see the high-flying agility of Overkill neutralized by the iron grasp of the beast Lesions was, to paraphrase, like seeing Old Age have a go with Youth.  The vitality of Overkill was turned to weariness and pain, and Mil Lesions was feeling quite on top of the world again.

At the expense of Overkill.

Sometimes it was the role of a fighter to take a therapeutic beating from another fighter, as he worked out his personal problems upon the person of the other.

Now Mil Lesions gardens and writes devotionals.  He sold his motorcycle to fund a pergola in his garden.  He donates his time at the local soup kitchen, and always gets compliments on his polite manner.

But Overkill, you ask, how did he fare?  Don't ask.  He is less than a footnote in the booking catalog.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Chopstop: I have optimism for them boys.

Matt Kemp.  Okay.

I think of the turtle pushing the plastic palm tree around the fishbowl as Mel Torme croons "High Hopes".  But I'm feeling it.  I have enthusiasm and optimism for my ATL Bravos.  Worst-to-first 2017 could be in the works people.  Will John Hart be a hero or a goat?

Its making good teevee at least, even if they ain't piling up the victories left and right.  They new pitchers getting better and better.  Freddie's hitting streak.  All that good stuff.  I be loving it and watching on it.

And Jim Johnson back as the reliever and having success.  It's fresh pressure on which the closer usually thrives, something to get the adrenaline going.  Or something like that.