Friday, July 29, 2016

You don't remember this place being paradise, but how it did change!

Once there was only one person on the Earth.  This was like paradise.

For the sake of companionship, another person was made.  Love came between them, and that was the start of the whole mess.

All that pesky gratification.  Eating fruits directly off the trees.  Amazon mailing farm-fresh produce in cartons through the UPS.

Love's indecent sisters is jealousy.  And did she run wild.

One would think, if the place was so perfect, why was there a serpent, but then I don't know either.  It was said the serpent was not loathsome of fearsome as the one's in our own age, but beautiful.  So it too was window dressing for paradise, perhaps eating of lesser creatures when they came out of balance in overcrowding.

Lets get back to the gratification.  Sloth and gluttony, two easy sins that don't often require much effort, or even any dark emotions within the heart.  So simple, so easy to just sit there and eat the Chips Ahoy or the Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream.

Its so easy.  And in the ease of sin, we find a forbidden glimpse of that old paradise.

Eternal torment comes later.  Worry about the bridge when you come to it.

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