Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Do the Wrong Thing: Dallas Sniper compared to Spike Lee films

To the chief, Barry O: the people are indeed divided.  Don't be fooled because you are surrounded by people that think like you.  Just look around honestly.

But some people make division policy.  And I don't mean Trump; I mean Barry O himself, fostering class division through dreams of income redistribution.  This is a polarized path and poisonous to thoughtful moderates; if given a choice, they would deny that snake oil and go for a GOP option that is stated milder, regardless of the real details(because not many of us watch CSPAN or read bills that go through congress).

But, Abaddon, where does Mookie and Tina come into this?  Well.  There are no games anymore, because they are angry at the boys in blue and they are in the streets protesting.  Spike Lee would approve, I think: the taking to the streets for equality.

All this nitpicking over accidents.

The hands were together on 9/11, but they have since pulled apart thanks to a concerted effort by the two-party political system.

Put your hands by your hips.  Make a fist of your left hand.  Now we will refer to that as a potato, as in a "hot potato".  Progressive.  The people that put the Constitution on the back of the working man, make him run, then observe that as a moving target: the yellowed paper scampering along stuck to a union member.

Make a fist of your right hand, and we will call it a hot potato, too, but hot in a different way, hot for personal responsibility, not blaming the system, not seeing accidents as something more.  Obstinate.  Conservative.

The crescendo this time is the angry man hijacking the protest movement for his own designs of mass murder.  Micah Johnson was our Remy.

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