Friday, July 22, 2016

a visual device for writing. look at this crap.

Insane isn't it?

The above is a very crude diagram I spent a minute or two drawing. It is to be used to help me sort of put of together a story as a mechanism, being like a machine, turning a source material into something else entirely by the time one has read the story.  Input one thing, the machine modifies it and something different is output, like the light bulb, with its electricity outputted as light.

In my most abstract brainstorming is any of my stories thought of as a mechanism or machine.  The accompanying visual has a rendering in letters:  mfx7m.  I have fun in my writing, thinking in the abstract, using pictures to simulate the process, like the very opposite of Henry James talking about picture in writing, as in not describing a scene but making a picture that illustrates a rather abstract concept of the working of a story: the action.

The shapes of the various lines are created with crude letters, with adds an extra dimension, a physical codification, along with an order, but as we see in this depiction, the output is dispersed as light but continuing on along in a circuit.  That dualism is a conundrum whereas the individual outputs are themselves depictions of many different things in metaphor.


The operation of a light bulb.  The incandescent kind, that is.  I goes classical in my diagrams that I may be understood easily.  Better to show a filament electrified into a discharge of brightness than some excited gas in a newfangled bulb.

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