Saturday, June 4, 2016

The shadetree man tunes it.

Before the build I pressured washed the whole thing and a Prius fell out of the grill.  I recycled the old tires as planters.  I gave the old well-used factory radio to a needy black family.

I thought of putting an aquarium in the interior, somehow between the seats, but I have trouble keeping fish alive.  I'm more a rolled-in-cornmeal kind of dude.

I put a Peyton Manning paint scheme on the camper shell as a commercial tie-in.  Flashed the ecu and installed hi-flo injectors.  Bolted on boards and bed rails.

Discount store light kit.  The glowing strings they call lights.  Now when I cut Broad Street, people will look at the truck and think it's E.T.'s parents come back again.

Installed a Pioneer CD player from 1996 and a woofer cab in the back seat: a presswood cabinet covered in cheap black shortloop.

Dale Jr-branded wheels.  Tasteful.  Exclusive.

We let that Jonathan guy paint the cylinder heads.  We gonna redo that before the final build.

Sh*t is ready to go off-pavement with a vengeance, almost.  I'm about to shop for some Smithfield and Hillshire Farms for the cooler.  Because I eat my all-pork breakfast beside a pond; understand?

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