Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The ChopStop Inaugural Edition: The Run To All-Star Break 2016

They made Fredi the goat.  Maybe he can get a job at a petting zoo.

I yearn for not only a top-performing team, but stability in leadership, therefore, I hope not only for the success of Snitker, but a long tenure.

Still missing Shelby Miller.  I bet he asked to get out of such a dismal situation last year, tho.  But also, I'm still missing Medlen and Hudson and Hanson and Sheets.  I get attached to those dudes.  During their stays in the ATL, I hanged my hopes on them, if only for a few hours a day.

HOWEVER, the show is getting good.  Folty has surprised after a few dismal starts, and Blair has shown flashes of brilliance.  It's really something to watch, these young pitchers maturing.

Mallex Smith seems to have gotten over his Freshman jitters and become quite the competent ball player.

Looking ahead to the Redemption of Olivera, and yes, I know I'm way early on this, but I like a good redemption story(hell, I lived one!).

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