Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"I'm getting things sorted out." "Screw you. Goodbye, Alice."

Friday the 13th 2, 3, and 4 represent an epic run that, in storytime, encompasses what, no more than two weeks?  Jason watches one day, kills the next.  He starts with Alice, then the cop, and on and on, from spot to spot, even thought dead and escaping the hospital, which doesn't even make him lose a whole day before getting more kills.  Just an epic continual run, with the letting of Alice's blood beginning an onslaught of murder, that through three films, just kept going forward relentlessly.

"This is Jake.  From State Farm."

And Alice, the girl with the unspecified troubles, letting it out in her art.  She started the whole mess by having the gall to survive the first film, but, she gets hers.  Yes, she does.  Then Jason has a spot of tea as her corpse loses its lifeheat.  This much defies formula, but there had to be an excuse to introduce Jason, which I would have had an organized but fruitless search for Alice conducted by Jason, with him finding her in a later film.

Again, someone said revenge is better imagined than realized.  Jason, sitting in his shack in the woods, disagreed, and thought revenge, a campaign of murder, was just the thing to set him to rights.

But, at the outset, a franchise that helped establish the slasher formula throws a monkeywrench and through the lines delivered by Amy Steele, actively ponders the what and why of Jason, and she does so as a DOOMSAYER and the VIRGINAL SURVIVOR.

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