Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I done told you one time.

You were warned years back about my writing.  You read.  But you didn't believe.

I'm subverting so much of what you know about writing, forcing you to either throw the book down in frustration or read on and learn something.

Sex is still a point of interest.  Sex as a subject can be accessed in words in a variety of ways, but I warn you that what seems like sex in my writing, might be something different.

Agreed.  On that we are on the same page, but cathartic shows of pleasure are not my bag, but rather a sore whimper from the quietude under the porch, a gleat of despair.

I'm operating from another place.

This is all a design.

You will see differently after reading my work.

Now excuse me, while I kiss the sky.  And finish my supply of gourmet ramen.

I sound so deadpan about all of this, but in truth what I feel is placid, smooth as a glass of water sitting on a table.

The banality of Abaddon1215.

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