Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Day In The Life/With Gratitude to Henri

I awaken to FM Top 40.  Radio.  I take to Sirius/XM 60's and 70's revues to begin the day on a more productive note.  The tunes are like old friends, comforting like a blanket, even sometimes beckoning me to dance along with the musicians.

I dig the oldies.  Ferry Cross the Mersey and such.

Carmelita and I take to the books for study and mental refreshment.  She likes my vocal impression of Sancho Panza, and she giggles into a delicate hand.  I quote the Bible on Facebook, while posting cribbed photos on my blog.

Upon returning alone to my rooms, I am overcome by a profound emptiness.  I think of gazing into an old stone draw well, into its darkness, with a peak of reflection at the bottom in the waters, showing me my own blank, featureless expression.

You give what you get, it is said, and if that much is true, I am in for a world of disappointments.

Friedrich Nietzsche said something about gazing into the abyss and the abyss gazing back into the observer, and I take that emptiness does reflect, and even sometimes propigate, like an aggressive disease.

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