Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Screenplay: Under The Sun

So I read the book of Ecclesiastes for the first time in 2010.  It set me on fire.  Now I finally get around to distilling the whole thing into a screenplay.

The idea is simple.  Scenes filmed without sound.  The soundtrack is a few cues, and a narrator reading over the book of Ecclesiastes, in its King James Version form.  There are some cued shots that repeat throughout the whole piece for flavor(there I say a slightly different meaning is conveyed each time; also begins to achieve a comedic effect).

My first draft comprises half the book at this point, with only the first chapter brushed finely into final draft form.  I had a spate of describing scenes and shots with sparse words, and then I relented, thinking to be as exact as possible; to even make the reading of the screenplay an enjoyable experience, that would convey meaning to someone reading.

The idea is that I make the movie myself, if I ever had the money, directing and producing.

I call this pretty much a pipe dream that will never come to pass, yet I am impelled to work on it by my enthusiasm for the project.  I can't help but feel a nagging doubt that this is all time wasted, during those spare moments-the absurdity of this endeavor becomes apparent.

But I will post the finalized pieces here.  Planning one chapter per week of the twelve chapters, as they are completed.

The plot of the piece is fairly simple, in the context of a sermon written down: the preacher seeks out a goodly way of life, whether to go after gains and mammon, or to just work his vineyards without exterior concerns.  He finds an answer to his query in the end, and I hope the viewer profits from the preacher's experience.

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