Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ripping on Caravaggio.(throwing shade in chiaroscuro)

He had an audience of wealthy dukes and dutchess'es across old Italy.  The wanted pictures of John the Baptist and he cranked them out in abundance, mostly with a shirtless John.  Other bible scenes were painted but usually with a dramatically sexual connotation.  That was his blending, putting together various elements to makes a piece that spoke to all within an audience, even if the wealthy patron had to hide the somewhat-pornographic painting in secluded room, rather than hanging it where all could see.

His most famous work, highlights his edging on the reprehensible, a nude adolescent as Cupid.  I'm offended by it, yet I laugh at it.  When I initially found this one, I had to text it to my friends as a joke. "Dinner at uncle's" I said, as a multi-tiered joke.  But maybe the wealthy patrons yearned also for a sexual element in their work, and particularly then, the wealthy woman was the appreciator, more so than the lord of the manor.  But here I make conjectures that excuse over-sexed visions, that Caravaggio would be in the adult entertainment industry if he were working now, painting nude vixens with tattoos, and maybe, ala Frank Frazetta, fantastical images of warrior maidens and brute men and vicious beasts.

But his sense of drama intermingled with his sexuality, causing some sort of titilation.  Ooh baby.

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