Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Keeping Up

We had dinner at uncle's.  Steaming pots and warm bread.  Pans of meat and a pile of drinks in the corner.  Everything in its place; the function, preparation, of a loving uncle.  The men standing there, not saying much, just enjoying the moment, the togetherness, and the women hiding away in the kitchen, each playing home-maker, showing their plumage to the other females proudly.

Uncle had some life advice for his searching nephew.  You always take advice with a grain of salt, evaluating the remarks through your own prism.  But Uncle is a wise man, and well-meaning, so his words have a great weight with me.

I then, in a spare moment, check-in with the social media, location tag and so forth, as if I were a slug making a slime trail behind me.  I obviously look at the pictures first, because they catch the eye, and most are funny.  They tickle me.  The facebook memes.  Its good to be social, even if that means staring at the intimate thoughts and iteneraries of others on a computer screen as a I sit alone in my rooms.

But it's a joy to remain in the loop with friends, with all the pool party pics and rants about exes-all the sweet and the sour.  This is modern life, until the next big thing comes along, then we'll all pile aboard again on that new bandwagon.  The Betamax effect, maybe they could call it, or the HD-DVD bandwagon, in which all the lemmings have a like mind.

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