Friday, May 13, 2016

A Three Horseman Dramatic Production

On the ice planet, Mikl and Larry hear something over the hill.  Its an Imperial Probe Droid.  Larry gets its attention by growling, while Mikl shoots it from behind.

"The empire knows we're here now" says Mikl.

Larry grunts.

They flee.  Rikl takes off in his fighter-craft, while Mikl and Larry take the princess aboard the Ford Falcon.

Rikl travels to a distant undeveloped planet to learn to be a Knight, meeting an old master thought dead: Deacon Jones.

"Eat your booty-o's" says Deacon Jones.

Aboard the Ford Falcon, Mikl and Larry use all their skills to evade the empire, even flying into the stomach of a space worm, but escaping just in time.

"Jonbo" says Mikl, staring at the star chart.

"Jonbo system?" says the princess, confused.

"No"  says Mikl.  "Jonbo Calrissian.  Owes me a favor.  We go way back.  He's in charge of the cloud city.  Probably won it in a poker game."

At the cloud city, Jonbo greets Mikl and company.  Its apparent Larry does not like Jonbo, not from the start, or trust him.  As they enter a canteen, there is BOBA FETT waiting with a cadre of imperial troops.

Larry grunts.

Mikl tell Larry: "Shut up, Larry! That's not Boba Fett.  That's TIM WHITE!  Jonbo set us up!"

Mikl is so dangerous, they want to freeze him, which is something that has never been tried on humans before, usually a preserving technique used for produce, shipped around and between the galaxies to far-flung farmer's markets.  They have subdued Mikl with handcuffs, and he stands on the platform of the freezing apparatus, at gunpoint:

Princess: "Mikl, me loves you."

"DONT YOU THINK I KNOW THAT?!" shouts Mikl into her startled face.

He gets frozen.  Then Rikl comes and Seth Rollins cuts Rikl's hand off.  Rikl escapes, barely conscious, falling out of the city and miraculously, directly onto the waiting Ford Falcon.

Dramatic music as Rikl and the Princess stand on the tailgate of a Chevy Silverado, watching Larry drive away in the Ford Falcon.

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