Monday, April 11, 2016

Langston: The New Fragrance For Unusual Men

It grabs you!  It wraps its sweaty arms around you and shakes you!  It shakes it's butt in your face!

A bubble-butt.  That of a black bodybuilder.  With a lazer tongue.


Phenomenal.  When the personality is unleashed and the being is allowed to have some fun, good things happen and three are lifted up together!  But should there be four, instead of three?  Like a Zig?  That the team is not just a team and a fruit-loop, but an entire, vibrant brand.

Then if Big E and Zig team up, they could call themselves the Angel and the Badman, a sub-brand of New Day.  Zig has developed a style and cadence in his performance that I believe would slot in nicely to a tag team format, primarily the science of physical endurance, the beat down, taking a licking and barely ticking, winning by the skin of the teeth.  There is always that kind of tension via a lull in tag matches, no?

Sometimes you have to eat it.


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