Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Cold Wind Of Liberalism and the Silence In Chicago

I ask first: do Trump supporters try to shut down Bernie and Hillary events?

No.  Because they ain't hell-bent liberals, self-righteous, outnumbered but talking up "the will of the people".  They saw something on twitter or MoveOn.Org, switched off the Netflix, fed the dog, fired-up the Prius(though they "ain't no fire in it") and went down to the center to shut up that dirty Trump and his nasty supporters.

They must be racists.

Somebody punched a black guy.

Not that the black guy was rude, or anything.

How is it racist to ask for a picture I.D. at polling places?  I need that one explained to me, because I don't see it.

The knee-jerk of righteousness is with them liberals again, as in all their ire, the righteousness of caring and doing what is best for you, whether you like it or not.

If they can't hurt Big Donald, the left will go after the supporters.  And just wait.  The media is catching onto the characterizations.  Big Donald will be galvanized now.

Because Trump supporters don't like the left, anyway.  Fanned are the flames of hatred.

A cold wind blows....

the silence in Chicago.

I really want to hear what Trump thinks of Hillary, also.  I'd pay good money to hear that little diatribe.  As much as he has ripped Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, I feel like he would amp it up a notch against his Democrat opponent.

The middle class is disappearing.  That's okay, because the left hates the middle class, beyond marching them like communist lemmings to the local Toyota/Lexus emporium, Whole Foods, and the marijuana dispensary.

In one election, San Francisco posted two queries to voters.  One was whether or not to make Happy Meals illegal.  The other ballot item was the legalization of marijuana.  So some in that community thought weed was safer than a Happy Meal, that this was a large concern amongst the people.  I like how the football stadium is WAY OUT OF TOWN now.  Anything to get away from that rabble.  Fish heads and c*ck.  All they want.

What a hapless murmuring, still.

Speak up, McCain.  Do it for the party.

Disclaimer:  I am undecided at this point about voting at all.  I am not a Trump supporter, though I think he has the God-given and constitutionally-protected right to speak.  Also: if I rented a meeting hall, you best believe I would speak my piece, if only to get my money's worth.

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