Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Silent majority time comes once more.

I don't have to wait until my father dies to buy a new truck.  Whoever told you that was mistaken.  Luckily I'm here to correct this little misunderstandings.

The Dark History of the New Mutants:  Why they were just kids watching Magnum P.I. on television, having the occasional adventure, being lead also by a madman and ideologue.  But without the sexual content of the more modern iterations, what was needed was a different dramatic mechanism, found in death, the delivering of the teens over to the afterlife in bloodless death.  As trends changed, the book was originally pulled at issue one hundred, as the narrative went to paramilitary scenes of fights and macho posturing.  Even the women were macho, and the leading lady was perhaps the least sexy of all X-Femmes.

I liked the one with the Native-American woman and the werewolf.  That kicked ass.  But even the injun girl was thought dead, then returned as a villain.  She yearned for a quiet life, with an alternative lifestyle.  Lesbian.  Another one dead to me, I guess.  She taught school and drank coffee.

Good book, that.

But I'm still wondering who said this about my father.  Not that it matters, because I do what I want anyways.  I'm like a fast-moving glacier.  I cannot be stopped.

I rumble, baby.

Happy voting today for all those who choose to exercise their rights.  Walk forward with confidence, America!

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