Friday, February 26, 2016

This is who I am, yo; this is who I be.

Return of fat mike/
coming straight from the underground/
locking and stopping/
all of this in your town/
that damned old Hebrew/
and the magic that he do!

They thought I would be quiet, but I surprised them.  One day they looked about and said, "what's that?"  I said, "that was your face.  Slap."

I will display patience, as an example to the children-patience and longsuffering; I will be stronger than you thought and I will not stop.  I will be


I was out and about one day and I said, "it's like they got a file of information on me, and some of the data is very wrong."

Let me correct you over time.  Confuse you, and provoke you, to an extent, but ultimately bring you to a higher understanding, Dear Blog Reader.

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