Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Danica: I offer you shrimp and champagne in Monaco.

You like shrimp; don't you baby?

Danica, I have some shrimp.  Good ones.  But when I say "champagne", I mean Coca-Cola, and when I say "Monaco", I mean my bedroom/office where I watch Monaco on my dish.  Hope that cleared up any misunderstandings.

Also, I too like Nature's Own.  FYI.  Maybe when you come to watch Monaco we can turn out a loaf with some cheese and meat.  I'll make you comfortable.  I'll even put a pillow under your lovely head.

What thoughts dare lurk within such a majestic vessel....

Now I know you were in a romance.  Let's henceforth refer to him as "the usurper", like a farmer plowing someone else's field.  I will refer to you as "Sugarbunches", or the defendant, which kind of makes me the plantiff, I guess.

A quick shower watches away all the unpleasantness and lovegore, renewing us, refreshing us, for the trip to Charlotte where you will get me a good ticket for the 600.  I make an assumption there, I know, but hey, when your girlfriend has more money than you, you take what you can.

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