Monday, December 28, 2015

good evening, fleshthings: all ur upgrade is belong to Megatron.

Optimus Prime has a weakness in wanting to protect the humans.  Decepticons will exploit this glaring error in logic for our own good success.

Send your thoughts to Starscream.  He lives still, having been hurled into the furthest reaches of space and low on energon.  It's almost funny, if he were not so pivotal to the Decepticon cause.  Also remember Shockwave, who is really doing the best he can as a subcommander, and still lacking any perceivable sign of personality or original thought.

(Heard a son married his step-mom.  This makes confusion at reunions and holiday gatherings.  Not down with that, ppl.  I'm sending Brother Timothy to straighten out this garbage once and for all.)

So we passed the Sandy Hook anniversary in the shadow of some panic and heightened security at large gatherings.  And we were still yet in the shadow of San Bernadino and paranoia over incoming refugees.

We are really seeing the darker aspects of ourselves in this fear and isolationism.  The world will test us.  Will we lose all humanity in the face of these challenges?  Will the world change us, or will we remain firm and steadfast?

We can look at that flag-the red and white bars and that blue field of stars, and glance back at the best aspects of our humanity since the birth of the United States, compassion locked with independence, that this nation is a source of refuge and prosperity for anyone willing to earn his or her dream with diligence and understanding.  Jefferson is a great man-regardless of whether he had slaves.  He was merely a product of the social custom of his time.  Let us walk forward holding fast to the best of these customs, and disregarding inhumanity and indecency.  There was a scene in a film where General Thomas Stonewall Jackson began praying and a nearby slave joined him; he seemed in that moment to view the slave as a complete person, which was in a sense a divine revelation.

May we all be subject to divine revelation, to take part in a commune larger than ourselves-this United States, this jewel of the Americas-and be the shining star, the standard that the rest of the world struggles to follow through the darkness of wayward lives, with communism, kingdoms, inequity, collective indifference, and the clawing struggle of life that so many endure through gritted teeth.

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