Saturday, November 28, 2015

The odd quest for vengeance. Again. And some other such nonsense.

If your life depended on you forgiving Forcesco Fuscilli, could you forgive the man who disgraced your father?

It might.

First things first: I'm not the one reading YOUR blog.

But I did come here to turn this stuff upside down, confound your reasoning, scoff at your rules.  I'd love to see your face as I drop this wit upon you: what contortion about the jowls, wildness of absolute confusion about the eyes, and dull stupidity about the gaping mouth.  I tell the meek and unnoticed to do something special(hopefully something positive), to get in the game, ignore the advertising, turn a deaf ear to the hoopla.

Isn't there always hoopla?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

we all suspect there are male-enhancement ads in the ISIS magazine.

I'm just saying.  What do you sell to a suicide bomber?  I thought there were GMC and Chevrolet advertisements in the Al-Queda magazine.  I don't know.  I hear the ISIS boys prefer Toyota trucks, too.  Didn't those trucks get some J.D.Power awards?  You know those, the awards that are bought and paid for, given to recipients regardless of the reality of their products or the market.

But you know, when you are out there in the cool desert night, you think about your wang, and fantasize about making more little Jihadis.  You just turn out the lights(if your abode has electric lights), and uncover the woman, and wam-a-lam.  Wham-bam-shang-a-lang.  So you need a boost, a "new swing of confidence", and also, self-respect enough to rock some swimwear around the oasis.

you don't damn know me

But I wonder, like a passing fart in the breeze, a "cold wind blows", and that wind is called Vladimir friggin' Putin.  My nebulous thoughts turn to the iron resolve of the Soviets.

the world can at times be uninviting and cruel...

This hard worlds needs a swift kick in the ass.

Syrian refugees in the United States:

I would gladly shelter ten thousand brothers and sisters, even if one turns out to be a black sheep.  What I would not do is sacrifice 9,999 people because I was scared of the one bad person that may or may not be among them.

Where is the compassion?

Let's kill some ISIS.  Let's shelter some refugees.

C'mon y'all everybody dogpile on Syria.  That means you France and Russia.  Let's kill some bad people together.  Afraid of Russia? Afraid of America?  Well guess what?  They gonna team-up on that confused old Syria.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

the probability of someone tossing a perfect game

Here is a brainfart I had while sitting in front of the teevee, taking a moment or three from my other duties:

Take this number:  number of strikes thrown in a complete game, which is important, that one pitcher throws a complete game.  I personally like any perfect game, but it takes some off the prestige when the bullpen steps in to complete the gem after the starting chunker poops out.

Divide by whatever pitcher's earned run average.

(complete game called-strike count)/ERA

The resulting figure may then need have it's decimal adjusted to resemble a normal percentage, but I feel the result is something close.

Don't you just love it when I have a spare moment to think?  Rhetorical question of course.  As the old proverb states:  Don't ask a question when you know you will not like the answer.