Saturday, August 29, 2015

all the stalkworthy maidens: madness and innervation mistaken as love, a futnuckery special report

don't hide away for safety's sake.  let some of the light come out of the heart and illuminate those around you; be smart but do not live in fear.

when you see me standing there staring, its appreciation.

I quit stalking around the time facebook started up, and I'll tell you this: it's too easy to stalk on facebook.  Don't be lazy thy unrequieted; do the necessary stalkwork, for the appropriate provenance.  Pictures of puppy's and jesus banners are not quality stalking fodder, but lurking in the walmart parking lot is like being right there in the trenches, as you wait for that passing glance of your beloved, for that little moment will make your day.

That and not some lame-oid facebook trolling.

It's like oldschool detective work that I'm talking about, getting out there, in the game, being near that beloved one.  seeing with your own eyes.  not pool party pics in some online album.  That's not satisfying.  You know you want to be there, so be there.  Lurk.

Know the routines, know the connections, and if you can, watch her sleep, without regards of how much you're scaring the crap out of her, for at least fear is some reaction, some acknowledgement.  As you are lead away to jail, you think maybe you can build on that; you have hope.

and hope sustains us.

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