Tuesday, June 2, 2015

spitball: t5

Truly, Arnold was born to play the role of a cybernetic murderer from the future.  And in the new film, he even has a go at a younger version of himself.  This must be cathartic, confusing, one would think; perhaps inspiring a tantrum from the former Austrian: the old rooster trying to destroy the younger, presumably more vital version of himself.  However, he's playing a robot and can't express emotions, so here again we see the brow-beaten formerAustrian schoolboy, repressed, stone-faced, yet probably managing a few bad jokes at the expense of a lot of car wrecks, gunshots and explosions.  Sounds like a good time. -furthermore, commando was the ultimate made-to-formula film of the 80's.  sequel? perhaps with someone like bobby rodriguez, who tends to bend these formulas within a pleasing comicbook sensibility.

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