Friday, January 2, 2015

futnuckery classics: giving clint attitude

ive been less than glowing about eastwood. Heartbreak ridge is one of
those guy movies that sits beside roadhouse in a lot of movie
collections. Guys stick to it because it sucks. But, I come here not
to throw dirt on clint, but to give praise. Is this that long-awaited
review of gran torino? Not entirely. Ill use it as an example of
clint being more nuanced than we've seen, and ugly(even he says so).
He's worked with the best, and learned. Dont doubt him, even when he
gets weepy, because you cant be a tough guy all the time; you got to
show that soft belly sometime. The man is a giant, and one for the
record books-a perennial favorite on cable tv. Hail clint! And 8/10
stars for gran torino, if you care.

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