Sunday, December 7, 2014

the forest protecting the leaves

"it was after beefarinis time that the whispers of the muse began
again in the works of men like dali and picasso. These appeared,
however, in codified form, for the nightmares were perhaps too
grotesque to capture outright in any detail, and the muse, though
whispered so much, remained hidden in a cloud of artistic snobbery,
suppressed by the very industry it sustained. In the dawn of feature
films, there were nightmares captured on the new medium, calling forth
the muse again, but as the new medium spread, layers of obscurity were
built in and industrial selfaggrandisement became the order. As the
public consciousness discombobulated one film, the process was
interrupted and abandoned at the appearance of dozens more to digest.
It was the quantity of work that provided the needed obscurity that
put the public aside from the artists, and the leaves were then
protected by the forest as a whole." -skinner pilgrim, the conscience
of the muse during the industrial revolution

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